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Shanklin Sailing Club

Shanklin Sailing Club was founded in 1931. It is a small friendly club, with all the usual facilities: showers, changing rooms, club house and a gear store. We have 44 Sprint 15 catamarans and a small fleet of Picos. We race on Thursday evenings, Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons; but you can sail at any other time. We make regular cruising trips outside of the racing season, usually on a Sunday morning.

Shanklin Sailing Club is situated on the south coast of the Isle of Wight between Sandown and Ventnor, the club is located by the beach at the north end of Shanklin's Esplanade. Access to the water is via a shelving sandy beach, which is accessible at any state of tide.

Prospective members are very welcome to come along. Visit us on a Sunday morning or call Liam on 721264.

News, notices, reports & events
News - Change of fixture - 30th April
The Tuesday Afternoon Series race IV will now be held on Monday the 29th April at 2pm which would have been Erling's birthday.
News - Island Roads playing in Shanklin
Island Roads are resurfacing on the Esplanade and Hope Hill. They are starting on the 23rd April but it looks like they are starting on the 29th outside the club. Sailing continues. You may need to walk a bit further to get to the club. Better still there are plenty of spaces for bicycles at the ...
Sailing - How to set a course
The most important things you should look for in setting a course are a beat to windward and a run. Without these the race will be a game of "follow my leader". Ideally there would be a beat in the first leg but failing that a reach to the first mark is entirely acceptable. A running start is fin...
For sale - Sprint 15 sail and port rudder
Dart 15 mainsail complete with (non-class legal) battens 100 Dart 15 port rudder 150 Located in Cowes Contact Martin on 07961 711408 or
For sale - Sprint 15 1981
Sprint 15 catamaran for sale. Sail number 1981. Comes with complete sport mode kit. Almost new class-legal sail with battens Good condition Large wheel trolley 3,000 to Shanklin member. 3,500 otherwise. Can deliver to mainland. Contact Liam on or 01983 721264
Latest racing results
Revill Points race 5
1st: Mark Pritchard. 2nd: Liam Thom. 3rd: Simon Giles. 4th: Yvonne Pike. 5th: Keith Newnham. 6th: Stuart Pierce. 7th: Ian Wilkinson. 8th: John Shenton. 9th: Mick McLaughlin. 10th: Richard Beasley. 11th: Lewis Couch. DNF: Pascoal Fernandes. DNS: Jane Hill.
Raced Thursday 25th April 2019. 1900. F2-3 S. Course: 2 3 6 7 x2.
Baker Challenge Series race 3
1st: Sean McKenna. 2nd: Alan Howie-Wood. 3rd: Ian Wilkinson. 4th: Bob Baker. 5th: Liam Thom. DNF: Mick McLaughlin. DNF: Heather Knowles. DNF: Shaun Smith. DNF: Yvonne Pike. DNF: Brandon Holmberg. DNF: Kevin Ellis. DNS: Bob Marks. DNS: Ian Bolton. DNS: Craig Rose. DNS: Stuart Pierce. DNS: Tony Rose. DTY: Jo Pollon. DTY: Tony Murrant. DTY: Chris Murphy.
Raced Sunday 21st April 2019. 1100. F0 NE. Course: 5 St.
Preston Points race 4
1st: Liam Thom. 2nd: Sean McKenna. 3rd: Yvonne Pike. 4th: Bob Baker. 5th: Shaun Smith. 6th: Stuart Pierce. 7th: Ian Wilkinson. 8th: Heather Knowles. 9th: Brandon Holmberg. 10th: Mick McLaughlin. 11th: Ian Bolton. 12th: Bob Marks. 13th: Kevin Ellis. 14th: Alan Howie-Wood. DNF: Tony Rose. DNF: Craig Rose. DTY: Tony Murrant. DTY: Jo Pollon. DTY: Chris Murphy.
Raced Sunday 21st April 2019. 1000. F2 N. Course: 6 St 1 3 x2.
Next events
Sun 28th April 2019 Ventnor Races or Fox 2 Up / Sprint Series 10:00
Mon 29th April 2019 Tuesday Afternoon Series IV 14:00
Thu 2nd May 2019 Revill Points Series VI 19:00
Sun 5th May 2019 Fred Yelf Cup 10:00
Preston Points Series V 11:00
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Shanklin Sailing Club burgee
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