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Seaview Mermaids Regatta

PostPosted: June 5th, 2023, 6:00 pm
by Yvonne-Pike
On Tuesday June 27th we have been invited by Seaview YC to an evening Mermaid event against the RYA staff from HQ in the Hamble. It is designed to be a fun evening of racing in the Mermaids with all the IOW clubs challenging the RYA in fleet racing with cumulative points - so no major tactics! Just sail to the best of your ability from start to finish and enjoy.

The RYA are sending a mix of sailors and non-sailors so each IOW club can also do the same. They will be able to rotate crews if there are more than the number of places available.

It's similar to the event that many of us went to last year - except that this time it will be an IOW team against the RYA.

If you're interested in attending please let Nick or I know ASAP on WhatsApp.

NOR and Mermaid factsheet (not Ariel) attached on WhatsApp
Thank you!