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Club rules


1. Name, - The Club shall be known as "Shanklin Sailing Club", hereafter referred to as "The Club"
2. Objects, - The primary object of The Club is to encourage boat sailing racing and good sportsmanship. The secondary object of The Club is to provide social and other facilities for members as from time to time be determined.
3. Club Burgee, - White burgee with blue cross and symbolic ship in upper quarter.
(4 and 5 are spare numbers)


6. The officers of The Club shall be Full or Family members of The Club and shall consist of the President, Flag Officers (Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore), an Honorary Secretary, an Hon/Asst Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Assistant Treasurer and an Honorary Auditor. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year and shall hold office for one year, retiring at the Annual General Meeting in each year, with the exception of the President, who shall hold office for life, or until he chooses to retire. All the officers of The Club will be eligible for re-election.
7. Duties and powers of the Vice Commodore;-

  1. The Vice Commodore is to have full control and management of all matters relating to sailing events, subject only to the general approval of the General Committee. All racing to World Sailing rules, RYA prescriptions and the Sailing Instructions of The Club, decided by the Vice Commodore and General Committee
  2. The Vice Commodore has the right to disqualify any boat from racing if it is thought to be un-seaworthy. The owner/helm shall be asked to satisfy the Vice Commodore (or the Flag Officer) that the boat conforms to class buoyancy conditions, or as defined by the General Committee.

8. Duties of the Rear Commodore;-

  1. The Rear Commodore shall be responsible for the promotion of the Secondary objects of The Club.

9. Duties of the Honorary Secretary;-
The Honorary Secretary shall,

  1. Keep a register of Club member s names and addresses.
  2. Conduct the correspondence of The Club.
  3. Have responsibility for the custody of all Club documents.
  4. Keep full minutes of all meetings of The Club and The Committee which shall be confirmed and signed by the appropriate chairman upon the agreement of The Club, or Committee at the next meeting of The Club or Committee.

10. Duties of the Honorary Treasurer;-The Honorary Treasurer shall

  1. Cause such books of account to be kept as are necessary to give a true and fair view of the state of the finances of The Club.
  2. Cause all returns as may be required by law in relation to such accounts to be rendered at the due time.
  3. Prepare and do receipt and payments account as of 31st October in each year and cause such receipt and payments of account to be audited at least once annually and shall thereafter cause the same to be exhibited in The Club premises at least 7 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  4. See to the maintenance of such insurance policy or policies as may be needed to fully protect the interests of The Club and its members.
  5. Receive all monies due to The Club and shall deposit in the bank all monies received by him belonging to The Club in the name of Shanklin Sailing Club and shall pay the debts of The Club as The Committee shall direct (except petty cash payments) by cheque, which shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Commodore.

11. Duties of the Auditor

  1. The Honorary Auditor shall,Audit the accounts of The Club when called upon to do so.
  2. If either unwilling or unable to act, inform The Committee who shall appoint a substitute to hold office until the Termination of the next Annual General Meeting.

(12 and 13 are spare numbers)


14. Categories of Membership, -
There shall be the following categories of membership with the power to vote at all meetings of The Club as indicated hereafter. The rights and liabilities of each category of members are as defined in the latest edition of the bye-laws of The Club.

  1. Single member, - being a person who at the date of election is over the age of eighteen, shall have one vote and full use of The Club facilities.
  2. Couple, - Dual full club membership (for cohabitating partners)
  3. Family - Family Unit comprising cohabitating or married partners, under 19 or under 25 in full time education. The family unit shall have two votes excisable by both parents and full use of The Club facilities.
  4. Honorary life member, - who shall be nominated and elected in the manner described in Rule 39 and shall have one vote. Honorary Life Member shall have full use of Club facilities.
  5. Temporary membership - Any person may be admitted at any time, as a Temporary Member of the Club for a period of not more than three weeks upon making the required payment in accordance with Rule 15, such Temporary Members to be proposed and seconded by ordinary Members of the club and agreed to by a Flag Officer. The subscriptions of a Temporary Member shall be paid in advance and no Temporary Member shall be admitted to the privileges of membership until his subscription is paid. The General Committee shall not permit the number of Temporary Members at any one time to be a number significant in proportion to the total number of Members. No person proposed as a Member shall be admitted to the privileges of the Club until the expiration of two clear days from the time of his proposal, nor shall any person becoming a Member without prior nomination be so admitted without an interval of two clear days between is election and his admission, and have no voting writes
  6. Non sailing member - shall have the full use of The Club facilities, And shall have one vote, but shall be a non sailing member of The Club.
  7. Associate membership - Individual that is a full member of an Island sailing club and does not keep a boat at SSC and shall have one vote.


15. Subscriptions, - The annual subscription and, boat site fees shall be determined by a majority vote at the AGM of members present and voting.

  1. The SSC membership year to run 1st March to Last day of February the following year.
  2. The following years Membership and Boat Park Fees are set at the AGM (in November).
  3. Between 1st January to Last day of February the membership and boat park fees will be as set at the AGM.
  4. From the 1st March membership and boat park fees as set at the AGM will be increased by 15% (rounded up to the next pound) for continuing / returning members, this is due to late payment.
  5. A returning member is not classed as a new member for three years.
  6. New members are to pay the AGM set membership fees on a pro-rata basis for the amount of the membership year remaining.
  7. The club will start the boat park removal process from the 1st April if membership and boat park fees have not been paid.
  8. SSC membership must be held to take part in any SSC organised sailing events.
  9. The Committee shall be, entitled to move the boat to any other part of the premises without being liable for any loss of or damage to the boat howsoever caused.
  10. The Committee shall be entitled upon giving one month's notice in writing to the Member or former Member, at his last known address shown in the Register of Members to sell the boat and to deduct any monies due to the Club (whether by way of arrears of subscriptions or boat site fees or otherwise) from the net proceeds of sale before accounting for the balance (if any) to the Member or former Member.
  11. Any boat which in the opinion of the Committee cannot be sold, may, upon such notice as aforesaid, be disposed of in any manner the Committee think fit, and the expenses recovered from the Member or former Member.

16. Every member shall furnish the Honorary Secretary with an up-to-date address which shall be recorded in the Register of Members and any notice sent to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.


17. Every candidate for membership (except HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS) shall be proposed and seconded by a full or family member of The Club, both of whom must be acquainted with the candidate.
18. An application for membership shall be in the form from time to time prescribed by The Committee and shall include the name and address of the candidate and the signatures of the proposer and seconder. He shall include the appropriate entrance and membership fees as required with his application.
19. Upon receipt of an application for membership, the Honorary Secretary shall enter such an application in a Register of Candidates and shall cause the application form to prominently be displayed in The Club premises for at least seven days before the meeting of The Committee at which such application for membership shall be considered. The election of all classes of members is vested in the. Management Committee and shall be by a simple majority vote of those members present and voting at the relevant meeting of the Management Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall inform each candidate in writing of the candidate s election or non-election. He shall furnish an elected candidate with a copy of the rules and bye-laws of The Club.
20. A member desirous of retiring from membership shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary before the last day of October and shall not be liable to pay the subscription for the following year. Upon re-application by a past member, The Committee may at its discretion, excuse the payment of an entrance fee.


21. Every member upon election and thereafter, is deemed to have notice of and impliedly undertakes to comply with The Club Rules and the current Bye-laws and Regulations of The Club. Any refusal or any neglect to do so, or any conduct which, in the opinion of The Committee, is either unworthy of a member or otherwise injurious to the interests of The Club, shall render a member liable to expulsion by The Committee. PROVIDED THAT, before expelling the member, The Committee shall call upon such member for a written explanation of the member's conduct and shall give the member full opportunity of making explanation to The Committee, or of resigning. A resolution to expel' a member shall be carried by a simple majority vote by the members of the Management Committee present and voting on the resolution.
22. Members may have the privilege of introducing visitors to any lecture or social event authorized by The Club. Visiting members of any sailing clubs may use The Club facilities at the discretion of the flag officers. (See Club notice board for other variations) Members shall enter the names of all guests in the Visitors' Book. Not more than three guests may be introduced in any one day and the same guests may not be introduced more than six times in any calendar year.


23. Members, their guests and visitors are bound by the following rule, which shall be exhibited in a prominent place within The Clubhouse. Members of The Club, their guests or visitors using The Club premises, and any other facilities of The Club, do so entirely at their own risk and impliedly accept; -

  1. The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or to loss of property belonging to members, their guests or visitors to The Club.
  2. The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of The Club premises, and any other facilities of The Club, or out of participation in any race organised by The Club, whether sustained by members, their guests or visitors, or caused by the said members, guests or visitors, whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of the officers, Committee or servants of The Club.
  3. Before inviting any guests or visitors onto the premises or' to participate in events organised by The Club, members will draw attention to this rule.

24. At certain functions to be held by The Club at its premises, subject to there being a maximum of twelve such events in any one calendar year, non-members will be permitted to purchase excisable goods at The Club bar for consumption on The Club premises. A record will be kept by the Honorary Secretary of the dates of such functions.

  1. Junior Members are only allowed to take a CLUB boat afloat when there is an SSC Patrol Boat in attendance or when they are under the supervision of an SSC RYA qualified instructor.
  2. Junior Members who wish to take their own boats(s) afloat do so entirely at their own risk (as clearly specified in the Shanklin Sailing Club Rules) They are therefore strongly advised to sail only as specified in (i) above OR when in the company of competent sailors. (section (ii) to be verified against RYA Rules for exact wording)


26. Constitution and Procedure, -
The Management Committee (herein referred to as "The Committee11) shall consist of the officers (with the exception of the President and Honorary Auditor) and not less than four nor more than six Full or Family Members of The Club elected at the A.G.M. each year to hold office until the termination of the next following A.G.M.
27. Retiring Committee members shall be eligible for re-election, candidates for election to the Management Committee and now applying shall be those members of the retiring Committee eligible to offer themselves for re-election and such other Full or Family members whose nominations (duly proposed and seconded in writing or by E-mail by Full or Family members of The Club) with their consent shall have been received by the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting in each year.
28. If the number of candidates, duly proposed and seconded shall exceed the number of vacancies to be filled, -the election at the A.G.M. shall be by ballot.
29. If the number of candidates for election is equal to or less than the number of vacancies to be filled, then all candidates shall be deemed to be elected if two-thirds of those present at the A.G.M. and entitled to vote, vote in favour of such election.
30. In the event of the ballot failing to determine the members of The Committee because of an equality of votes, the candidate or candidates to be elected from those having an equal number of votes, shall be determined by a further ballot.
31. If, for any reason, a casual vacancy shall occur, The Committee may co-opt a full or family member to fill such a vacancy until the next following A.G.M.
32. The Committee shall meet at least every two months making such arrangements as the conduct, place of the assembly and holding of such meetings as it may wish.
33. Voting (except in the case of a resolution relating to the expulsion of a member) shall be by a show of hands. In the case of an equality of votes, The Committee, Commodore or Chairman (as the case may be) shall have a second and casting vote.
34. Five members personally present shall form a quorum at a meeting of The Committee.
35. Powers of the Committee, - The Committee shall manage the affairs of The Club according to the Rules and shall cause the funds of The Club to be applied solely to the objects of The Club for a benevolent or charitable purpose.
36. The Committee shall make such bye-laws and regulations as it shall from time to time think fit and shall cause the same to be exhibited in The Club premises for fourteen days before the date of implementation. Such bye-laws and regulations shall remain in force until approved or set aside by a vote at a General Meeting of The Club.
37. The Committee may appoint such sub-committee as it may deem necessary and may delegate such of its powers as it may think fit upon such terms and conditions as shall be deemed expedient and required by law. Such sub-committees shall consist of members of The Committee or Club as it thinks fit, Flag Officers of The Club shall be ex officio members of all such sub-committees.
38. The Committee may appoint as required Honorary. Working Members, whose subscriptions shall be reimbursed in return for specific long-term services rendered to The Club. Honorary working Members shall enjoy all rights and privileges afforded to full members of The Club. The status of Honorary Working Members shall last for one year only and must be rewarded only of The Committee consider it necessary for said services to be continued.
39. The Committee may nominate for election at an Annual General Meeting such Honorary Life Members as The Committee may think fit. The election of Honorary Life Members shall be put to the vote at the A.G.M. each year and such Honorary Life Members shall be duly elected if two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote vote in favour of election. At no time should there be more than six Honorary Life Members.
40. The purchase for The Club of excisable goods and the supply of the same upon Club premises shall be exclusively and solely under the control of a special sub-committee which shall not at any time be less than 4 persons in number and shall only be formed from elected members of The Committee whilst they remain members of The Committee.
41. Intoxicating liquor may be sold for consumption on The Club premises to persons over the age of eighteen who are entitled to the use of The Club premises in pursuance of the rules. Bye-laws and regulations for the time being in force. No Junior Member under the age of eighteen may purchase intoxicating liquor within The Club premises nor may a Junior Member under the age of sixteen purchase tobacco or cigarettes within The Club premises.
42. Subject to the requirements of the licensing authorities The Committee shall cause The Club bar to be opened at convenient times (and such times shall be prominently exhibited in The Club premises) for the sale of excisable goods to persons who are entitled to the use of the premises of The Club in pursuance of these rules (except Junior Members aforesaid). Provided that visitors' names and addresses and the name of their introducer shall have been entered in the Visitors' Book upon entry to The Club premises, they may consume excisable goods on The Club premises. Visitors may not purchase excisable goods from The Club bar.
43. No person shall take a commission, percentage or other such payment in connection with the purchase of excisable goods for The Club. Any profit from the sale of such goods shall (after
the deduction of the costs of providing such goods for the benefit of The Club.
44. Proper accounts of all purchases and receipts shall be kept and presented at the A.G.M. in each year and such information as the Secretary or Honorary Auditors may require shall be furnished to enable any statutory return or statement and the payment of excise or any other duty or tax to be made.
45. A member of any club recognised by the Royal Yachting Association (a list whereof is published by the said association) may be authorised to use the premises of The Club by any member of The Committee of the Club. Such authorisation shall specify between which dates (not being more than fourteen days apart) the said person may so use the premises including The Club bar, where they will be permitted to purchase excisable goods for consumption on The Club premises. Their name and that of The Committee member shall be entered in the Visitors' Book.


46. An Annual General Meeting of The Club shall be held each year in the month of November on a date to be fixed by The Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall at least 21 days before the date of such meeting E-mail, post or deliver to each member, notice thereof and of the business to be brought forward thereat. The decision whether to accept the use of E-mail will be decided by each member each year when they renew their membership
47. Special General Meetings shall be called by the Honorary. Secretary when requested by The Committee, or any two Flag Officers, or a requisition signed by not less than twelve members, such requisition to state the object of the proposed meeting for which every member shall receive 7 days notice. Eleven members to form a quorum at such meetings, only such business for which the meeting is specifically called to be discussed.
48. Chairman, - The Senior Flag Officer present. Shall take the chair at all General and Committee meetings of The Club In the event of no Flag Officer being present, the Chairman shall be elected by The Meeting.
49. Eleven members to form a quorum at all Annual and Special General Meetings of the Club
50. Voting, except upon the election of members of the Management Committee, shall be by show of hands. There shall be no proxy or postal votes.
51. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote, on any matter other than the election of members of the Management Committee
52. On any resolution properly put to a meeting of The Club relating to the creation, repeal or amendment of any rule, bye-law or regulation of The Club, such resolution must be carried by a majority vote of at least two- thirds of those present and entitled to a vote.
53, 54, 55 and 56 are spare numbers)


If, upon the winding up or dissolution of The Club, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of The Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of The Club. Such institution(s) to be determined by the members of The Club by resolution passed at a General Meeting at or before the time of the dissolution and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provision, then to some charitable object.


All members of the Shanklin Sailing Club who keep a boat in the boat in the boat park and/or who take a boat afloat must have up-to-date third party boat insurance for at least £2m. Any member without such insurance will automatically invalidate their Shanklin Sailing Club Membership (Comprehensive cover would be advised)

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