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Pursuit start times

Start gun: Paul Grattage
Sean McKenna
Liam Thom
1 minute: Simon Giles
2 minutes: Andrew Jefferies
Stuart Pierce
Mark Pritchard
3 minutes:
Chris Murphy
Keith Newnham
Christine Roman
Ian Wilkinson
4 minutes: Stuart Dyer
Tony Murrant
Yvonne Pike
Jo Pollon
Chris Read
John Shenton
Shaun Smith
5 minutes: Bob Baker
Tom Beasley
Ian Bolton
Henry Giles
6 minutes: Andrew Cavaciuti
Lewis Couch
Brandon Holmberg
Alan Howie Wood
Bob Marks
Mick McLaughlin
Mark Randerson
7 minutes: William Morris
8 minutes: Richard Beasley
David Kast
Heather Knowles
Harry Vernon
10 minutes: The rest
15 minutes on line: Challenger

Times are subject to change.

All starts are from the beach unless there is large surf.

For beach starts, competitors must have their feet on the ground when their individual horn sounds. Sailors can be given assistance in launching by others.

Junior helmsmen sailing with 0 minute start crew incur a 3 minute delay.

Shanklin Sailing Club
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Shanklin Sailing Club burgee
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