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Dart 15 sailing formats

Most races at Shanklin are for unarig (mainsail only) Dart 15s or two-up sailing (mainsail and jib with helmsman and crew). These two formats are completely interchangeable as they share the same Portsmouth Yardstick handicap (PY) rating of 926 .

The Fox 2 Up series must be raced with two sailors. Both main and jib can be used. Trapezing is not allowed.

The Sprint Series and Sprint Cup can be raced in Sport mode (with main and jib). The jib can be fitted to the boat with sheets and blocks but does not have to be unfurled. Trapeze and harness can be used in these races.

Cup Races can be sailed with any format and PY ratings will apply. The PY for Sport mode is 894 so to win in Sport mode you would have to beat standard format boats by over 2 minutes in an hour long race. This is a Sprint 15 Association adjusted PY, changed from 904.

Trapezes may not be used except in Sport Mode.

The jib is not compulsory is any format.

Other common PY ratings for Shanklin
Laser Pico: 1330
Challenger: 1173

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