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Baker Challenge Cup

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1990 David Wiggins
1991 Richard Hampson
1992 John Shenton
1993 Robin Leather
1994 C Giles
1997 Erling Holmberg
1998 Erling Holmberg
1999 Keith Newnham
2000 Erling Holmberg
2001 John Shenton
2002 Paul Tanner
2003 Geoff Howlett
2004 Keith Newnham
2005 Geoff Howlett
2006 Keith Newnham John Shenton Paul Tanner
2007 Erling Holmberg Sean Strevens Ian Bolton
2008 Charlie Pierce John Shenton Stuart Pierce
2009 Keith Newnham Erling Holmberg Charlie Pierce
2010 Erling Holmberg Keith Newnham Stuart Pierce
2011 Paul Grattage Sean McKenna Simon Giles
2012 Paul Grattage
2013 Paul Grattage Erling Holmberg Liam Thom
2014 Erling Holmberg Liam Thom Keith Newnham
2015 John Shenton Liam Thom Keith Newnham
2016 Tony Murrant Keith Newnham Stuart Pierce
2017 Mark Pritchard Andrew Jefferies Chris Murphy
2018 Tony Murrant Andrew Cavaciuti Craig Rose
2019 Tony Murrant Chris Murphy Mark Pritchard
2020 Stuart Pierce Chris Murphy Tony Murrant
2021 Todd Murrant Kevin Ellis Stuart Pierce
2022 Mark Pritchard Todd Murrant Liam Thom

Shanklin Sailing Club
Hope Road
Isle of Wight
PO37 6EA

01983 721264
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Shanklin Sailing Club burgee
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