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Racing reports - 4th May 2014

The Tuesday afternoon race attracted 6 starters in what were near perfect force 2 to 3 wind conditions, Liam Thom was the eventual winner from Erling Holmberg second and Alan Howie-Wood third.

The Thursday evening race was a departure from normal race procedure with a boat start from out in Sandown Bay. With a discrepancy in opinions as to what flags were needed the start line was cleverly set up so that it was impossible to clear on starboard tack. After an obvious monetary exchange Paul Grattage and Liam Thom got away with "perfect starts" followed by Mark Pritchard, Ervin Thosser, Bob Marks, Andrew Cavacuiti and Phil Davies. Grattage and Thom finished the race in that order with Erling Holmberg third, there were 11 starters. An after race meeting was later convened to discuss flag etiquette, monetary exchange and line setup in all future events, although no actual conclusions were reached even after much pontificating.

Race 4 in the Sprint Series attracted eleven starters sailing a rectangular course in light force 2 conditions. Holmberg led the fleet around the first mark with the rest following in an orderly line astern, there was of course the minimum of overtaking through-out the cleverly designed fiasco. Holmberg was first with Mark Pritchard second and Keith Newnham third.

The second race in the Fox Cup series saw the fleet battle upwind against a flood tide with very little wind. The first race winner in the series did himself proud by slowly working his way to the back of the fleet, much to the amusement of others, his crew does need to have a talk to him! The winner of the race was Holmberg, crewed by Tallulah Shepperdly, second was Bob Baker, crewed by Tom Beasley and third was Mark Pritchard crewed by Harry Vernon.

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