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Racing statistics for Perry Hammond †

Sailing club Shanklin Sailing Club
Sail number
Total races started 9
Total races finished 5
Total races started in 2013 1
Total races finished in 2013 0
Total races started in 2014 5
Total races finished in 2014 3
Total races started in 2015 3
Total races finished in 2015 2
Races won 1
Seconds 1
Thirds 0
Series wins and cups 0
Series seconds 0
Series thirds 0
Average points for races 5.75
Average points for races in 2013 6
Average points for races in 2014 6.4
Average points for races in 2015 4.583
Average points for last 9 races 5.75

Series and cup race placings ‡

Cups won

Graph of latest results *

Graph of latest racing results

Graph of yearly points averages **

Graph of points averages

Graph of number of top three positions (3rd, 2nd, 1st respectively)

Graph of top three positions

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