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Race series in 2022

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Series name entries races 1st 2nd 3rd
Baker Challenge Series 22 5 Mark Pritchard Liam Thom Nick Guest
Bang and Swap Helm 5 1 Pascoal Fernandes Lewis Couch Richard Beasley
Fox 2 Up 12 3 Liam Thom Chris Murphy Stuart Pierce
Fred Yelf Cup 16 1 Liam Thom Simon Giles Yvonne Pike
Holmberg Series 10 2 Liam Thom Simon Giles Chris Murphy
Olympic Points 16 3 Liam Thom Ian Wilkinson Pascoal Fernandes
Peter Beardsall Series 11 7 Liam Thom Chris Murphy Pascoal Fernandes
Preston Points 25 7 Liam Thom Mark Pritchard Tony Murrant
Pursuit Series 26 4 Simon Giles Mark Pritchard Tony Murrant
Revill Points 22 8 Liam Thom Simon Giles Stuart Pierce
Sprint Series 15 3 Liam Thom Chris Murphy Shaun Smith
Tuesday Afternoon Series 13 8 Liam Thom Chris Murphy Nick Guest
Ventnor Race 13 2 Yvonne Pike Simon Giles Paul Grattage
Ventnor Y C Race 13 1 Simon Giles Paul Grattage Yvonne Pike
Yaverland Race 0 2

fixtures abandoned or not raced in 2022

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Shanklin Sailing Club burgee
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