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Cup winners

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Cup 1st 2nd 3rd
1922 W Lodge Cup Andrew Cavaciuti Ian Wilkinson Richard Beasley
1927 C E Baker Cup Liam Thom Mark Pritchard Keith Newnham
Amy Rickards Challenge Cup Ian Wilkinson
Autumn Series Cup Liam Thom Mark Pritchard Erling Holmberg
Baker Challenge Cup John Shenton Liam Thom Keith Newnham
C Gratwick Knight Challenge Cup Erling Holmberg Paul Grattage Mark Pritchard
Cadet Cup Henry Giles Tom Beasley Alfie Wilkinson
Carl Frere Cup Erling Holmberg Liam Thom John Shenton
Channel View Cup Liam Thom Stuart Pierce Ian Bolton
Crews Cup Yvonne Pike Jamie Norris Henry Giles
E W Austin Cup Stuart Pierce Erling Holmberg Liam Thom
Fireworks Cup Sean McKenna Liam Thom
Fred Yelf Challenge Cup Sean McKenna Mark Pritchard Keith Newnham
H F Fleming Junior Cup Todd Murrant Alfie Wilkinson William Morris
H F Fleming Ladies Cup Yvonne Pike
Island Builders Trophy Liam Thom Stuart Pierce Mark Pritchard
Keith Prowse Cup Ian Bolton Stuart Pierce Tony Murrant
Novice Cup Tom Beasley Tony Murrant
(Todd Murrant)
Richard Beasley
Odds and Ends Alfie Wilkinson Craig Rose William Morris
Olympic Cup Paul Grattage Erling Holmberg Liam Thom
Percy Westwood Trophy Paul Grattage Erling Holmberg Ian Wilkinson
Peter Beardsall Series Liam Thom Mark Randerson Ian Wilkinson
Preston Points Cup Erling Holmberg Liam Thom Mark Pritchard
Reginald Fox Challenge Cup Liam Thom
(Yvonne Pike)
Mark Pritchard
(Jamie Norris)
Erling Holmberg
(Austin Dyer)
Revill Points Cup Liam Thom Erling Holmberg Stuart Pierce
September Challenge Cup Simon Giles Liam Thom Sean McKenna
September Series Liam Thom Keith Newnham Erling Holmberg
Shanklin Hospital Regatta Challenge Cup Mark Pritchard John Shenton Liam Thom
Silver Jubilee Challenge Cup Paul Grattage Sean McKenna Liam Thom
Stay at Home Cup Mark Pritchard Stuart Pierce Bob Marks
Summer Series Tankard Mark Pritchard Erling Holmberg Liam Thom
Turnabout Cup Craig Rose
(Paul Grattage)
William Morris
(Erling Holmberg)
Yvonne Pike
(Liam Thom)
Ventnor Regatta 1938 Cup Liam Thom Erling Holmberg Ian Wilkinson
Ventnor Y C Trophy Liam Thom

Shanklin Sailing Club
Hope Road
Isle of Wight
PO37 6EA

01983 862233
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Shanklin Sailing Club burgee
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